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  1. FAO/WHO GIFT | Global Individual Food consumption data Tool

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    FAO/WHO GIFT: Better data, better policies, better diets

    Providing tailored answers for health, nutrition and agriculture policies.
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    New FAO/WHO GIFT milestone!

    The FAO/WHO GIFT platform has now 10 datasets available. You can now have access to 3 nationwide datasets from the Philippines, Lao People's Democratic Republic and Italy, and 7 sub-national surveys from Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, Uganda, Zambia, Argentina and Kenya. Go to the Data and indicators section to explore them. You...
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    Expanding FAO/WHO GIFT

    The FAO/WHO GIFT platform is funded in part by a four-year grant (2018–2022) from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The funding is aimed at transforming the platform into a robust global tool by: expanding the geographical coverage and increasing the number of shared datasets; improving underlying methods for data processing, analysis and...
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    New open access article available

    An article on the FAO/WHO GIFT platform has been published in the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society. The article presents the role of FAO/WHO GIFT as a tool to better inform evidence-based policies for nutrition and food safety, especially in low and middle-income countries. It provides an overview of the current...

    Welcome to the FAO/WHO GIFT dissemination platform!

    This platform aims at supporting policy makers, program planners, NGO staff and many other stakeholders in taking informed decisions at country, regional and global level in the area of nutrition and food safety. FAO/WHO GIFT's mission is to make publicly available existing quantitative individual food consumption data from all countries around the world, collected through both large nationwide surveys and small scale surveys. The platform provides food-based indicators in the field of nutrition and food safety as well as microdata.

    Are you a data owner?

    Please contact [email protected] if your institution is interested in sharing individual quantitative food consumption data through FAO/WHO GIFT.